What to take into consideration before buying a personalized teddy bear

What to take into consideration before buying a personalized teddy bear

1. Do you want a classic teddy or a significative one?

The classic teddy bear and as popular bunny will be around for a long time. Bears and bunnies are now the two most popular animals in the teddy bear world. In today’s fashion, we have the unicorns, sloths, llamas, etc.

2. Do you prefer a more classic look or child oriented?

The vibrant colors and wide eyes are best suited for a young child. The classic ones typically have black eyes without as much expression and grey/beige colors.

3. How easily can they be washed?

Most of our stuffed animals have a zipper to remove the stuffing from the belly and the head so you can toss the “skin” into the washer whenever it is dirty or smelly. The elephants stitched on the ears do not have that possibility so they are best suited for decorations than playing. Similarly, white stuffies are less than ideal for young children, although they can be bleached a little without the threads fading.

4. Long fur or short?

Short fur is not as soft as the long kind, but it is more durable and will change aspect less than long fur in the wash. Babies will tend to pull on the fur if it is long, we recommand they are not left alone to play with them for the first 3 years of their life.  Our trick to making the long fur nicer after being washed is to wash it on cold, hang to dry and shake the skin vigourously before inserting the pods of stuffing. It should keep very soft for many years to come. Make sure to avoid heat, especially with the long fur stuffies. The short fur ones include the elephants stitched on the ears, colorful bunnies, colorful deers,  T-Rex, Moose Jaw the Moose, dragon, giraffe and raccoon. The lamb and elephant stitched on the belly ave semi-long fur. The other ones either have long fur for the mane or long and fluffy fur all over.

5. What informations do you want to get stitched?

Most of our customers buy birth annoucement teddy bears. We have the name (first or complete), date and time, weight and length. Some people also want the blood type, day of the week, astrology sign, although it is uncommon.

We recommand adding a little message under the bum. Most popular ones include “ Mom and Dad love you forever” “With love, from your Godmother (name)”, “For your baptism, Grand-ma (name)”. It really adds a personal  touch and an everlasting memory of your feelings about your child.

Other embroideries include the name and date of birth only, a logo or a name and lovely personal message only. Not sure if we can acheive what you want? The templates suggested are only that, a suggestion. Ask us to change colors, fonts, order, etc, we will be happy to do it. We will also send you a preview before proceeding with the production and you’re more than welcome to make modifications until you are fully satisfied with the result.


Do you have other questions about the process? You can always call us at 819-592-3785 or 1855-855-6789 during the week (8:30-4pm) or email us at info@brodali.ca.