What's the occasion?

What's the occasion?

In our everyday life, we want the people we love to know we think about them, we miss them and they are important to us. What better than a gift or personal gesture to show our affection?! Brodali is there for that reason. And there's no age to want a personalized gift!


It can all start with or even before birth. Offering a stuffed animal or lovey that is personalized to the parents for the child will be a perfect way to commemorate this unique event. Birth stats can be immortalized and a message full of love will follow the child for his/her whole life. If the family is growing, we often wonder how the older sibling will go through the big change. Offering a bear from the baby to the older sibling can be a great way to mark the promotion of the child to big sister or big brother.

Religious Celebration

A religious celebration often follows the birth of a child. You may use this important moment to celebrate it with a personalized message about the occasion. A love message of whom the item is (i.e. : From your godparents who love you!) is a fantastic idea with the addition of a little cross and date of baptism. 



Of course, the child will grow and birthdays will come. A first birthday is often the most difficult to choose a gift. Clothes will be too small very quickly and the child already has many toys and it's even worse if the child isn't the first of the family. Choose a souvenir soft toy that will be personalized with a custom embroidery and will be unique to this one child. It will be kept preciously for a lifetime of souvenirs and hugs.  


Important steps

Growing up is paired with important and sometimes difficult steps. What would be better than a faithful friend, unique and reassuring to tell secrets to. The transition from the house to the unknown will be easier if we have a friend to share it with. It can be difficult to start daycare but always leaving it to start kindergarden. A surgery, divorce, grief or sickness are other moments when the child may need comforting and during which a stuffie with his name may help express feelings and give a big dose of well needed love. 

Decor element

Brodali might be the little something missing in the fabulous room ready for baby. Offer this gift that will evolve in the bedroom and baby's life. Choose yourself what is needed on the bear to be in perfect harmony with the bedroom and baby. Just send us a quick message if you want to change colors to match the bedding, walls or sentimental item.


No matter the occasion, Brodali is always proud to be a part of our clients' life and we're always available to make this moment one to remember.